Right to Repair Legislation

​Recently, small advocacy groups in several states have been promoting what is commonly known as “Right to Repair” legislation. These groups argue that state Right to Repair legislation will lead to increased competition and decreased prices for consumers.

At EDA we recognize that the Right to Repair legislation is an issue that could have a significant impact on dealers across the United States and Canada. Our position on this legislation states:

  • EDA Supports legislation that protects consumers.
  • EDA opposes legislation that allows the widespread release of proprietary equipment repair information to unqualified persons or entities which are not subject to uniform standards including training, safety, engineering, and environmental.
  • Such legislation could facilitate conduct that would put equipment operators and third parties at risk and put dealerships that invest in training, safety, and liability coverage at an unfair disadvantage.

Josh Evans, EDA’s VP of Government Relations, chairs an industry working group on right to repair legislation, which includes participants from regional dealer associations, OEMs, nongovernment agencies, and like-minded trade associations. For more information, contact Josh at jevans@equipmentdealer.org or 636.349.6206.


Fact vs. Fiction on “Right to Repair” Flyer helps set the record straight on the misconceptions and risks with the Right to Repair legislation.

Right to Repair Flyer that helps outline repair information that is available to consumers. A great resource for consumer education and customer mailings.

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