Our Foundation

Established in 1988, the Equipment Dealers Foundation (EDF) provides ongoing funding for workforce development initiatives and temporary assistance for dealership employees affected by natural disasters.

Since its inception, EDF has been focused on education within the equipment industry, particularly in the promotion of the service technician within dealerships. Up until 2017, that meant providing scholarships to current and prospective dealership employees to attend technical training to further their skills and career. Now, in addition to the scholarship program, EDF works with the Curriculum for Agriculture Science Education (CASE) program to provide partial scholarships to teachers that enables them to bring mechanical education back to their classrooms.  In this way we are able to reach hundreds, if not thousands of students each year.

Additionally, in 2020, EDF launched its own grassroots marketing campaign aimed at familiarizing parents and teachers of middle and high school students with the careers available at an equipment dealership. Visit the Workforce Development page for more on EDF’s efforts in this area.

The Disaster Relief Fund was established in 2005 following hurricane Katrina. Since then, the fund has provided more than $350,000 in grant assistance to the employees of equipment dealerships impacted by natural disasters.