EDA Hosts Greg Martinelli for Sales Closing Skills Webinar

ST. LOUIS, MO (April 2, 2019) – The Equipment Dealers Association is excited to welcome back ag equipment sales coach, speaker and trainer, Greg Martinelli to present a free webinar for equipment dealers on increasing sales by harnessing the compound effect of closing and following up – every time. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24 at 12:00pm (central) and is free to EDA members.

It is estimated that in 50% of B2B and 80% of retail sales transactions, the salesperson never asks a closing question.  By putting this one skill to use, you will surpass at least 50% of your competitors.  Don’t let another customer walk into your store and leave without finding out how to ask closing style questions to move the sale forward.

The percentage of salespeople that follow up on a prospective customer is even lower.  In so many cases, we simply need to make one phone call within a reasonable time period to acquire more sales.  By combining the power of asking for the sale and then following up, you set yourself apart from over 90% of all other salespeople.

The webinar will cover:

  • Emphasize the need to Close on every customer experience
  • How to create and use a CTA (Call to Action)
  • The reasons salespeople don’t close and how to overcome them
  • The compound effect of closing and following up within a reasonable time period
  • The reasons salespeople don’t follow up and how to overcome them

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For more information on Ag sales training, coaching or business development, contact Greg Martinelli at Ag Sales Professionals, LLC at (608) 751-6971. Email is Greg@GregMartinelli.net  Web site is www.GregMartinelli.net