EDA Adds LegalShield and IDShield to Benefit Offerings

ST. LOUIS, MO (April 23, 2019) – The Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) today announced it is introducing a new service for dealer members.  With its partnership with Workplace Consulting, LLC, EDA members now have access to two valuable, voluntary benefits for employees provided at no direct cost to the dealership.

LegalShield, a 47 year-old company, serving over 50,000 employer groups nationwide with more than 7 Million lives protected, provides a high standard of criteria in Legal and Identity Theft Protection coverage.  IDShield is the leading Identity Theft Protection Plan.

Identity Theft Laws affect virtually all businesses and the Red Flag Rules in particular apply to all dealerships so it is critical to implement reasonable steps to prevent Identify Theft in the workplace and mitigate the impact if and when it does occur.  Workplace Consulting, LLC will take the guess work out of what dealers should be doing in regards to the Red Flag Rules, Data Security Issues, Managing Private/Non-Public Information and the Best Practices you need to have in place to protect you, your dealership, your customers and your employees.

“I encourage our members to meet with the folks at Workplace Consulting and learn more about LegalShield and IDShield,” says Kim Rominger, President & CEO of EDA.  “These services are 100% voluntary and paid for by the employee but just offering them helps to protect the dealer if the company ever experienced a breach.  I use one/both personally and have been very pleased with both the product and the service.”

Members who are interested in learning more about LegalShield and IDShield should contact Leslie Udy. She can be reached directly at: