EDA Releases 2016 Compensation & Benefits Report for Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers

ST. LOUIS, MO – The Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) recently announced the release of its 2016 OPE Compensation & Benefits Report. This report is the outdoor power equipment (OPE) industry’s most comprehensive collection of data on dealership compensation and benefits. Survey data is collected every two years from OPE dealers across North America.

In 2016, we double participation in the OPE report from 2014 with 120 respondents. The data collected from the survey was reviewed by industry experts, Armstrong Teasdale, LLP, Scheffel Boyle CPAs and Visor Benefits, who provided their analysis and recommendations.

“The OPE Compensation & Benefit Report is a must-have resource for OPE dealers,” said Joe Dykes, EDA’s VP of Industry Relations. “This year we added additional wage and benefit questions and position descriptions. The expanded data plus the expert analysis from our contributors will be incredibly helpful to dealer principals and human resources personnel.”

EDA also produces the Ag Compensation & Benefits Report which was released in April of 2017. EDA appreciates the dealers who participated in this year’s surveys! The members who completed the survey will have a complimentary copy of the report mailed to them in the next two weeks. If you did not participate in the survey, you may order a copy of the report here.

The Compensation & Benefits survey and corresponding report are just one of the services EDA provides its members. EDA encourages equipment dealers and manufacturers to join the association and receive the many benefits of membership. If you have any questions about EDA membership or the 2016 Compensation & Benefits report, please contact Joe Dykes by phone: 636.349.6205 or email: jdykes@equipmentdealer.org.