Dealer’s Voice

The Equipment Dealers Association is dedicated to advocating for retail equipment dealers on many fronts, including government.

We work hard to ensure your voice is heard and provide updates on important regulatory information. We also want to empower you to reach out to your own elected officials using the tools provided below.

Find Your Rep


The first line to communicate with your elected officials is by email. However, personal visits and conversations are a great opportunity to discuss your position on an issue.

Here are a few recommendations to make the most out of your visit:

Before your visit

Plan your visit

What is the purpose of your visit? Define a clear goal regarding what you want to achieve or the issue you would like to address and then determine which member or committee staff you need to meet with to achieve your goal.

Make an appointment

Contact the Appointment Secretary/Scheduler and explain your purpose and who you represent. This makes it easier for staff to arrange a meeting.

Be prepared

Before your meeting gather as much information and supporting materials as you can to explain your position. Members of the government are required to take positions on many different issues and in some cases they may lack important details about the pros and cons of a particular matter. Sharing information and examples that clearly demonstrate the impact or benefits associated with the issue is helpful.

During your visit

Be prompt and patient

When it is time to meet, be punctual and patient. It is not uncommon for members of government to be late or have a meeting interrupted due to their crowded schedule. If interruptions do occur, be flexible. When the opportunity presents itself, you can continue your meeting with a member’s staff.

Be political

Elected officials want to represent the best interests of their district or state. Demonstrate the connection between your request and the interests of the member’s constituency and explain how you or your group can be of assistance to him/her. If appropriate, remember to ask for a commitment.

Be responsive

Be prepared for questions or requests for additional information. If you don’t have the information on-hand you can follow up with a thank you letter that outlines the different points covered during the meeting and any additional materials and information requested. ​

After your visit

Follow up

Promptly follow up your visit with a thank you letter or email and any additional information that you promised. Staff who attended your meeting or made a special effort to schedule your meeting should also get a similar thank you. Be sure to outline your position again in the letter to staff.

Stay in touch

Any time you have a chance to see or speak with your elected official, do so while they are in their home state or district. Remind them when you saw them last and what issues you discussed. Ask them if they have had a chance to review your position and if they support or oppose that particular issue.

Offer to assist

Remember, politicians need volunteers for campaign work. If you are so inclined, offer to assist the campaign or provide information on a particular issue.​