Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey

Conducted annually, this survey provides important operating assessments for dealers and the primary manufacturers they represent.

​Through the EDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey, equipment dealers rate their manufacturers in key business categories such as product quality, availability and technical support; parts availability, quality and return policy; communication, warranty and marketing/ advertising support. Responses are compiled anonymously and distributed to EDA dealer members as a member benefit and to the manufacturers featured in the survey report for comparison, analysis and review.

EDA’s Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey report contains valuable, third-party analysis and information about the relationship between dealers and their suppliers. The survey report provides key information to support and enhance EDA’s Manufacturer Relations efforts on behalf of our dealer members. Key benefits include:

Dealer-Member Benefits:

  • Communicates areas of strength and possible needs for improvements of their represented manufacturers.
  • Evaluates potential new product lines and companies to carry.
  • Provides competitive comparisons of product lines.

Manufacturer Benefits:

  • Opportunity to promote their positive performance to their dealer network, the industry and to end-users based on annual survey results.
  • Ability to use the results as a means to support change and improvements in their organizations.
  • Monitor performance annually in the 12 key areas of the dealer-manufacturer relationship for their company compared to competitive lines.
  • Manufacturer-Member Benefit Only – Ability to request and receive customized survey data breakouts by company.
  • Manufacturer-Member Benefit Only – Ability to conduct follow-up surveys to respondents anonymously to obtain more specific customized data.

For questions please contact the EDA office.

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