Vaccine Mandate

Vaccination Mandate for Employers of 100+ Employees

As many of you know President Biden has asked OSHA to write rules that demand employers who have 100 employees or more have a mandatory vaccination and/or testing policy for all employees. The rules require employers to implement a vaccination and/or testing policy by January 10, 2022, as well as establish other required processes and begin routinely testing unvaccinated employees by February 9, 2022.

While as of the writing of this notice the OSHA requirements are being challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court, dealers should ensure they are in compliance with the deadlines above while the Supreme Court
deliberates their enforceability, including the requirement to have a policy in place today, and need to be prepared to fully follow the policy if the rules are ultimately upheld by the Court.

To that end, EDA asked Lance Formwalt of Seigfreid Bingham and their legal team to develop a SAMPLE POLICY and documents for dealers covered by this mandate to review, customize as necessary, and implement.

Should you have questions on this, please contact the Association Office at 800-606-6332.

For those members with less than 100 employees, I would encourage you to retain this material in the event the minimum number of employees covered by the rule change to a lesser number in the future.

Form Dealership COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy

Medical Exemption Request Form

Religious Accommodation Request Form

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy for Equipment Dealerships